How to Find the Fastest WordPress Hosting

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Fastest WordPress Hosting

The users are likelier to abandon a website that loads in more than a few seconds. Fast-paced games and browsing habits have reduced people’s patience and wait time. All website owners should know that visitors may exit if the website is slow. If you want to retain customers and prevent losing them to slow load times, consider availing best hosting provider.

Why It’s Important to Find the Fastest WordPress Hosting?

You know how much you dislike a sluggish website, but is this knowledge sufficient to guide your web hosting decisions? Indeed it is! If you know that a slow-loading website would lose customers and rank on the search engine, you also need to know the many benefits of a fast-loading website. The speed of a website is associated with the hosting plan or provider you avail of for your WordPress website.

Let us look at some benefits of availing your website’s fastest WordPress hosting plan.

  • Velocity influences rebound rates. According to Google, the probability that a user will abandon your page increases by 32% from one to three seconds of load time.
  • Websites that load quickly convert better. According to a study by Portent, conversion rates begin to decline if a website takes at most five seconds to display. This means that eCommerce websites with sluggish load times lose money.
  • The pace of a website influences SEO (search engine optimization). Google has explicitly stated that website load time is a ranking factor. A slow-loading website is the least likely to rank on the search engines.

In addition, it creates a negative experience for your visitors. You want visitors to your website to find it impressive. If their initial interactions with you irritate them, that’s not a good sign.

So, now we come to the quest of how to find the fastest WordPress hosting plan for your website.

Finding a web host that guarantees their website’s performance is simple. Almost every web hosting provider guarantees rapid page rendering times.

Consequently, how do you determine which WordPress hosting accounts are the fastest? For the answer, you should reconsider what you are aiming at. What is the goal of your business? The answer can help you find the most suitable hosting provider.

Here are a few tips for finding your website’s fastest WordPress hosting plan.

Understand Your Speed Requirements

Two WordPress websites with the same hosting plan from the same provider can have drastically different speed experiences because each website has unique requirements. A modest business with a simple website and fewer than 1,000 monthly visitors is in an entirely different position than a media website that publishes new content daily, hosts numerous videos, and receives millions of visitors.

Before investigating specific plans, you must evaluate your website’s requirements. Consider the following

  • How media-rich will it need to be? Will there be many videos, audio files, and animations?
  • Whether it requires ecommerce functionality, such as payment processing and a shopping cart?
  • How frequently do you intend to contribute new content? and
  • What is the expected quantity of visitors?

Understand Your Web Hosting Plan

Not only the web hosting provider you choose affects the performance of your WordPress website, but also the plan you select. Most providers offer to host plans optimal for various categories of websites. 

Common options include:

  • Shared Hosting Plan – The hosting plan lets you share a server with other websites. This makes it more cost-effective for lesser websites with less traffic. However, if your site’s traffic increases, you may burden the shared server’s available resources. ie. InMotion Hosting
  • Cloud hosting – With cloud hosting, your hosting plan connects to a network of potentially limitless virtual machines. It offers flexibility and room for expansion and is suitable for websites with fluctuating traffic. ie. cloudwayscloudwayscloudways
  • VPS hosting – In comparison to shared hosting, VPS hosting is far better. You will continue to share a server with other websites, but there will be fewer websites on the server, and you will each have a portion of it dedicated to your website alone. ie. HostArmada
  • Dedicated server – A dedicated server ensures you do not need to share resources with anyone else for complex websites that receive significant traffic. All server resources are dedicated to your website alone. ie. eUKhost
  • Managed WordPress hosting – Technically, managed WordPress hosting can fall under any of these other categories. It is configured specifically for WordPress sites, so the web host handles maintenance duties such as updates. ie. kinsta

Any of these hosting plans may provide you with a fast WordPress site, depending on which one you choose for your website and traffic volume. However, if you require one of the more advanced plans and opt for shared hosting, you will likely experience sluggish load times. 

Determine the Server Locations

The physical location of your web hosting company’s infrastructure is a factor that can affect website load time. Suppose most of your website’s visitors are from Australia, and your web host’s servers are in the United States. In that case, those Australian visitors will experience slower loading times than those from neighboring locations.

Check your web host’s website for information on their servers’ location. Check if they use a CDN (content delivery network) like Cloudflare, which can route sites through data centers around the globe and speed up load times for your distant visitors if they are far from where you expect most visitors to be. 

Learn Server Technology

The quality of the server hardware will also affect the efficacy of your WordPress website, so choose a web host that invests in current, high-quality web server hardware technology. 

You can find ample information on server technology online. All you need to do is spare some time to upgrade your knowledge of server technology and how it can improve the website’s functionality.

When choosing the fastest WordPress hosting provider, learn about the server technology used them. The technology they use should hint at their dedication to your project and faithfulness toward achieving the desired result. 

Take into account whether your web hosting provider utilizes solid-state drives (SSDs) or hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs provide exceptional performance and higher data transfer speeds. It is worth noting that certain hosting providers may employ HDDs for certain plans while incorporating SSDs for others. This implies that opting for a pricier plan could potentially grant you access to the swifter SSD technology.

Undoubtedly, the fastest WordPress hosting provider gives you a quick-loading website. But some other factors can help improve the speed of a website. One of the many ways to ensure smooth and fast website loading is to routinely test your site’s speed and work to enhance it. Here is a quick guide to help you get a quick-loading website without changing the server or hosting provider. 

  • Heavy images and videos should be compressed before uploading to the website. 
  • Use a limited number of plugins. Overuse of plugins can increase the loading time of the website. 
  • Regularly update the WordPress and plugins.
  • Clear browsing caches regularly. 
  • Use fewer links that redirect the users to other websites. 

Changing the web hosting provider can be beneficial if the steps mentioned above don’t help improve the website’s speed. When availing of a WordPress hosting plan, ensure it meets your requirement and uses server technology appropriate for your website needs.